Speech Language Therapy

Communication Without Barriers

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) treat children with diverse and complex developmental issues, including those involving difficulties with sensory processing.

Our speech therapy includes sensory based techniques and interventions when addressing the speech and language delay. We feel that these interventions are a crucial part of the traditional therapeutic techniques in achieving the most positive outcomes. We understand that a large percentage of the speech and language delays are rooted in the sensory processing delays.

The goal of intervention is to assist with social communication, speech development, language development, and assistive technology both low and high tech as needed and modify behaviors associated with developmental speech and language skills. The outcomes are improvements with social communication, speech development, language development, cognitive functions and functional communication in home, community and school.


  • Language and articulation difficulties
  • Phonological awareness/literacy
  • Feeding/swallowing issues
  • Assistive Technology use and training
  • Cochlear implants/hearing aids and central auditory processing
  • Social skills/pragmatics
  • Dyspraxia/Apraxia of speech
  • Reading and literacy


Speech therapy environments are designed to enhance effective therapy sessions using multi-sensory and dynamic atmosphere with a variety of options for seating, positioning and interaction during the individualized sessions.