New School Year,
New Therapy Room


Every school must have a well-planned space dedicated to providing therapy for students who depend on it to succeed in their studies.

We specialize in creating and managing school-based therapy rooms that are more stimulating, suitable, and appropriate to serve special needs students in the school setting.

Our therapists work with school administrators and teachers, helping them to implement this service and space in the best and most productive way.

We offer an experienced professional team, cutting-edge tools, information, and support to provide the most effective therapy services.

If your school seeks for a multi-practice therapy room to serve students in the ESE program, call for an appointment with our consultants to learn more about the 2021 new concepts for school-based therapies.

We can provide a complete team of therapists and assistants with extensive experience in the school environment to set up a service routine and a therapy room following the most advanced and effective professional standards.


AC&A provides occupational, speech-language and physio therapy services at the school setting as a related service for students in the public school system that who are eligible for an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program.

We provide assistance to students with special needs so that they can participate more independently in their educational program, and develop the skills necessary to meet their Individual Education Plan goals.

Based on a specially designed therapy room within their school, our occupational therapists provide intervention to eligible students whose difficulties interfere with their participation in school activities. These difficulties involve challenges in areas of fine motor, visual motor, self-care and sensory processing.

The speech-language pathologists and physical therapists provide intervention to eligible students in the fields of speech and gross motor, complementing the range of school-based therapies as related service and the collaborative team that supports ESE students.


AC&A features flexible therapy room plans that have moveable furniture and equipment, allowing therapists to customize room layouts in each school to suit their session’s needs.

To learn specifically which service and layout is supported by a Therapy Room in your school, please send us an email or contact our scheduling office at (954) 869-7202.

We will be happy to visit your school and show you the best options to set up a permanent or temporary therapy room.