Occupational Therapy

Improving Learning and Life Skills

The majority of our children receiving occupational therapy services today have a diagnosis of Autism, ASD, and other developmental disabilities ranging from mild to severe. Our patients are often referred by pediatricians, teachers, other health professionals and family members.

Our occupational therapists have a vast range of experience in assessing a variety of skills both formally (standardized assessments) and informally (clinical observations) including, but not limited to, assessing visual motor integration, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills, fine motor strength, gross motor skills, attention, sensory processing delays and environmental / information processing skills.

Our therapist’s goals are to assist the child receiving therapeutic services in achieving their specific goals, acquiring their fullest potential in achieving independence in life skills and emotional well being. With this in mind, occupational therapists regularly conduct re-evaluations to determine each child’s progress and update with current goals.


  • Assessments and treatment for performance skills
  • Comprehensive evaluation of home and school environments, including recommendations on necessary adaptations
  • Customized treatment programs aimed at improving abilities to carry out the activities of daily living
  • Guidance to family members and caregivers
  • Recommendations and training in the sensory workout program


Occupational therapy sessions are tailored to meet the individual child’s needs through developing goals closely with parents, teachers, therapists, and other allied health professionals.

Treatment goals are achieved through involvement in a variety of activities meant to enhance the child’s learning. This provides them with tools as well as strategies to assist with their performance during school and in the home environment.

Therapy sessions are conducted in a fun and positive environment in our customized therapy room within school premises or at the child’s home as requested or needed.