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Why choose K-Shield Educational Journey for your Homeschooled Child?

Home Education is a parent-directed educational option that satisfies the requirement for regular school attendance. Parents have the freedom to determine their child’s educational path and the plan for reaching their goals. Students can explore and learn at their own pace, in any location or at any time. 

K- Shield assists in screening children from Birth to Eleven years of age, helping families who choose to homeschool their children to ensure that they are on target developmentally and receiving all needed support.

K- Shield certified tools, programs and differential instruction plans combine live video consultations and interviews with special educators, reading specialists and pediatric therapists, checklist assessment tools and scoring that result in full educational guidance and recommendations for intervention activities that parents, and caregivers can use to keep their child’s learning progress always on track.

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Check out the online services that K-Shield
offers to support homeschooling

K-Shield School Readiness

For kids age 3 - 5 ½ years

The K-Shield School Readiness is a comprehensive online assessment service for screening preschool and kindergarten readiness in children ages 3 to 5 ½ years.

K-Shield School Readiness screening, assessment, and evaluation are highly effective resources for learning about your child. They will provide information about your child’s interests, strengths, and needs. K-Shield School Readiness gives an accurate picture of whether your child’s development is on track.

K-Shield School Readiness helps you as the parent understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses to best choose the appropriate preschool for your child. Matching your child with the right curriculum for their success and happiness.

K-Shield Academics

For kids age 5 - 11+ years

K-Shield Academics evaluates the child as a “whole” from the age of 5 – 11 years. This contributes to meaningful curriculum planning and the design of developmentally appropriate Educational Intervention Plan of Action when deemed necessary. 

The K Shield Academics gives parent/caregivers specific, direct, and understandable information about their child while assessing gross motor, fine motor, communication, cognition/ thinking and reasoning, sensory, social emotional development, pre-literacy and reading skills.

Educational Intervention Screening

For kids age 5 - 11+ years

The Educator Intervention Screening is an expansion to the K-Shield Academics, targeting pre-literacy and literacy skills based on common core standards for children from 5 to 11+ years of age. K-Shield special educators can help parents/caregivers with proven evidence-based reading interventions

K-Shield special educators assist parents/caregivers with proven evidence-based interventions in reading, using progress monitoring through data collection to provide intensive reading interventions to strengthen areas that were identified as areas of concern.

Educational Intervention Plan of Action

For kids age 5 - 11 years

The Educator Intervention Plan of Action is purposefully modeled after the Response to Intervention (RtI) – a multi-tier approach used throughout the nation within the public-school sector to support the early identification of students with learning needs.

Response to Intervention (RtI) is an approach to academic intervention used to provide early, systematic, and appropriately intensive assistance to children who are at risk for and/or underperforming as compared to appropriate grade or age-level standards. 

Educator Intervention Plan of Action, in the same way as RtI, seeks to promote academic success through screening, early intervention, frequent progress monitoring, and increasingly intensive research-based instruction or interventions for children who have difficulty with academics.

Easily accessible and 100% online, Educator Intervention Plan of Action is adjusted and modified as needed, to be an effective resource to assist parents who have chosen to homeschool their children in areas of reading through a coaching and modeling approach.