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K-Shield Educational Journey
Educational Journey

K-Shield combines online Tutoring, Screenings, Intervention Plans, and Teletherapy, providing comprehensive and integrated services to support learning progress throughout the entire Educational Journey. 

K-Shield Consultation
Gateway to a Successful Educational Journey

Book a consultation with a Special Educator or Specialist Therapist and get an accurate, in-depth assessment of your child’s educational status and support needs.


K-Shield Screening

K-Shield Screening can accurately analyze each child’s stage of development (birth through age 11+) and recommend actions to target education for what each one is ready to learn.
K-Shield Behavior

For kids ages 2 to 11+

Using K-Shield Behavior, you can identify behavior concerns that may interfere with the learning process.

Starts at $84/week

Educational Journey
K-Shield Early Intervention

For kids ages 0 to 3

It helps identify children who may need more intensive assessments that address potential developmental difficulties or delays.

Starts at $84/week

K-Shield School Readiness

For kids ages 3 to 5 ½

A comprehensive online assessment service for screening preschool and kindergarten readiness in children ages 3 to 5 ½.

Starts at $84/week

K-Shield Academics

For kids ages 5 to 11+

The screening will evaluate the child as a whole, contributing to meaningful curriculum development and planning developmentally appropriate educational interventions.

Starts at $ 84/week

K-Shield Intervention Plans

BIPA - Behavior Intervention
Plan of Action

Children’s behavior challenges, such as uncontrolled tantrums, aggressive physical behavior, or repetitive emotional outbursts may significantly interfere with learning progress and academic success.

BIPA is the intervention plan developed after performing the K-Shield Behavior screening, when undesirable behaviors are detected in school and preschool-age children.

Starts at $39,90/week

EIS - Educator Intervention

The Educator Intervention Screening is an expansion to the K-Shield Academics, targeting pre-literacy and literacy skills based on common core standards.

It will look at the six areas of reading: Print Concept, Phonological/Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Reading Vocabulary.

Starts at $84/week

EIPA - Educator Intervention
Plan of Action

Development begins with literacy. Our specialists can identify the area(s) of concern in reading and create an action plan for educational intervention that targets the deficits in reading that need strengthening. By assessing the progress and collecting data carefully, you can determine if further interventions are necessary in collaboration with a special educator.

Starts at $39,90/week

AC&A offers a full range of educational and pediatric services for your convenience.

We provide specialist advice to support learning progress – through online screening tools, video consultation with ESE specialists and pediatric therapists, customized educational programs, differentials instruction plans and, when appropriate, pediatric teletherapy and in-school therapy services (Florida).

Countless families and schools have been working with us to promote inclusive education for their children.

Live Video Consultation with ESE Specialists or Pediatric Therapists
  • Symptom checking
  • Therapeutic advice
  • Rehabilitation therapies
  • Treatment options
Kids in Florida Can Get Teletherapy Plans Now
  • Individual Sessions
  • Light Plans (1x /week)
  • Regular Plans (2x /week)
  • Intensive Plans (3x /week)