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Associates Referral Rewards Program

Become an Associate and start referring us!


The Associates Referral Rewards Program – ARRP – allows you to market and promote Florida’s leading Educational and Therapy services online. We offer the highest paying associate program and most advanced online services in our industry.

If you are involved in Early Childhood Education or Children Healthcare and are interested in making extra money by referring young patients to us, this program is perfect for you.

AC&A’s online services you can refer include high-quality screenings, evaluations, differentiated education plans and video consultations conducted by a team of Special Educators, Behavior Analysts, and Pediatric Therapists with 20+ years of experience.


The program is simple. If you refer a client to us who proceeds with a screening, video consultation, or other online service, you earn cash. You can receive commission for each time we serve the client you refer (depending on service). And you get to choose whether we give the benefit to you personally or to your organization. Not only are you helping the children you refer but you are picking up a benefit also!

There are no limits on the amount of money you can earn, and if any client you refer to AC&A engages with us in the future within the terms of the program you’ll get paid again!

Become a member of the leading team of online Special Educators and pediatric therapists in the US.

Once you have been approved as a new Associate, you will have full access to AC&A’s HIPAA Secure Platform, with a direct communication channel with our professionals, special discount codes that you can provide to new patients you refer, as well as complete tools to monitor the evolution of your recommendations and earnings.


Commission payments are sent once a week on Thursdays whenever there are services rendered for students you refer. All commissions generated in the previous week are paid on the Thursday of the following week.

Payments for the accounting period of the week are made by bank transfer directly to the school account or to a designated account, as appropriate.