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we have helped transform countless lives through a more caring approach

For many years Amee Cohen & Associates has been providing outstanding care for Florida’s children and their families. We are dedicated to assisting young patients with disabilities ranging from severe developmental issues to Autism and the Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Powered by a highly passionate, skilled, and committed team, we provide a full range of educational and therapy services for children from birth to 21 years old. This integrates our practice with educational, social, behavioral, and community programs.

Providing services at school and at home, we focus on academic and life skills development goals. Through standardized data collection systems, individualized behavioral intervention plans, and differentiated education plans, our specialists support and closely monitor children’s learning and development progress, working in continuous collaboration with parents, caregivers, and educators.

Our ESE specialists, behavior analysts, and therapists place great pride and enthusiasm in the family and school approach, striving to provide support, encouragement, and all necessary resources to help children overcome their developmental and learning challenges. With the right care and the help of a cohesive team, children can truly grow to their potential and achieve a fulfilling life.

Our therapists offer individualized and comprehensive evaluations for children ages 0–21

Testing is standardized (interviews and observations are also used collaborating with the team of professionals) and therapy programs are designed to enable each child to discover their abilities and full potential.

We also work in line with pediatricians, psychologists, social workers, and other professional specialists to give children the best assistance possible to overcome their challenges.

As a result of our well-established networks within the families, medical and school sectors and as providers of the state of Florida Medicaid programs, we are able to help with best practice care across all the aspects of a special needs child’s development.

We provide occupational therapists, physiotherapistsspeech therapists and ESE specialists to patients at school or home, as well as support for their families, educators and caregivers.


AC&A has a well-trained and experienced team to assist children with a variety of developmental issues or conditions including:

• Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome
• Developmental Delays
• Dyslexia & Learning Difficulties
• Attention Deficit Disorder
• Motor Skill Delays
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Prematurity or Birth Trauma
• Down Syndrome
• A variety of neurodevelopmental/
chromosomal conditions


We commit to provide the most effective, clinically superior care possible while holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in order to guarantee that every child who is in need of therapy services is on the path to reaching their highest functional level.


President and founder of AC&A

Amee B. Cohen OT/L is a practicing occupational therapist who has worked with special needs children since 1986, earning the respect and admiration from thousands of families.

With an endless drive and unyielding passion, Amee has received a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious Temple University College of Allied Health and a certification with the National Board of Occupational Therapy.

Amee supervises and closely monitors the service provided to each patient of AC&A. Through her experiences with teamwork, her commitment to a healthier childhood, and her unique management style, Amee is ideally suited to coordinate one of the most recognized pediatric therapy providers in the US.

Christian Katopodis
Managing Director

Since our foundation in February 2007, AC&A team has been working in a passionate way to serve clients of all ages, particularly children with the most diverse needs, always with the obstinate desire to help each child to overcome difficulties, achieve more autonomy, health, and quality of life.

In 2010, Christian Katopodis, a former marketing and business executive with extensive experience in the healthcare, finance, advertising and IT sectors, joined our team to implement a new working model that has allowed us to expand AC&A in a continuous and sustainable manner, providing highly personalized services to schools and thousands of families in Florida.

The search for excellence in providing therapy services and the intensity of the relationship we have developed with our clients has allowed us to create a wide range of evidence-based therapy programs, which have become increasingly innovative and effective.

In July 2019, we began the development of our online consultation and teletherapy services meeting the needs of clients, families and caregivers who were unable to commute and spend hours of travel and waiting time for services in a clinical location.

In early 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic, the AC&A video consultation system was tested, serving a small group of clients. Our goal was to first train our therapists with this new model and then expand the online service to all clients who could benefit from the convenience and safety provided by consultations and therapy delivered through the Internet.

With the difficulties and restrictions aggravated by the pandemic, online therapy and consultations services became the first option also for most of our clients who were cared for at home, schools, clinics and assisted living facilities, making the transition to this Internet platform occur quickly and naturally.

We are currently providing online services to 80% of our clients with very consistent and encouraging results. Our team of therapists and ESE specialists, supported by a dedicated staff of assistants, technicians, and IT specialists, continues to work daily to improve this video consultation system in order to provide the same high standard of care online that we offer face-to-face.

Thanks to this new AC&A online tool, which optimizes the time and breaks distance barriers, very soon we will start offering international video consultation and therapy services, making this platform available to clients worldwide.

$97 for a 30-minute session

Just book a date with an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Specialist or a specialized Therapist and submit an interactive online admission form. Our team will carefully select the most qualified professional for your first video consultation.

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Now Kids in Florida Can Get Teletherapy

Therapy provided online at the place and time that suits you.

AC&A is a licensed Telehealth provider in Florida. We can provide to Florida residents Occupational, Speech-Language, Physical Teletherapy and Consultation in the convenience of your own home. No Travel, no Waiting, no Stress.

Teletherapy Treatments Start from $138/monthly