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K-Shield Educational Journey


Innovative tools to identify developmental, behavioral, and academic difficulties. Effective solutions to support the inclusive educational needs of children, parents, and schools.

AC&A has put together a multidisciplinary team that includes experienced ESE specialistsreading specialistsbehavior analysts, and pediatric therapists to help every child succeed in their educational journey.

Through online questionnaires, video consultations, high-quality screening tools and interventions plans modeled after RtI standards; K-Shield Educational Journey provides a full range of services to support families and schools when a child’s learning progress is causing concern.


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K-Shield Behavior

Identifies behavior concerns that may interfere with learning progress. 

For kids ages 2 to 11+

K-Shield Behavior is a process for collecting information to help determine why undesirable behaviors occur and to serve as a basis for the development of a Behavior Intervention Plan of Action (BIPA).

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K-Shield Screening

K-Shield Screening can accurately analyze each child’s stage of development (birth through age 11+) and recommend actions to target education for what each one is ready to learn.

Early Intervention

For kids ages 0 to 3

Early intervention begins with a multidisciplinary team evaluation to identify a child’s needs. Research reveals that early intervention services can considerably lessen the effects of developmental delays.

This new developmental screening service is extremely easy to access and highly effective in capturing children’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying those who can benefit from more intensive assessments addressing potential developmental difficulties/delays.

School Readiness

For kids ages 3 to 5 ½

Several studies have indicated that many young children with clinically significant developmental delays are not detected until the first few years of school. Consequently, critical early intervention opportunities for young children who are at-risk of developing problems may be delayed and or lost. This can lead to varying combinations of academic and/or social school related struggles.

The K-Shield School Readiness is a comprehensive online assessment service for screening preschool and kindergarten readiness in children ages 3 to 5 ½.


For kids ages 5 to 11+

K-Shield Academics will give parent/caregivers specific, direct, and understandable information about their child while assessing gross motor, fine motor, communication, cognition/ thinking and reasoning, sensory, social emotional development, pre-literacy and reading skills.

K-Shield Academics will evaluate the child as a “whole”, which will contribute to meaningful curriculum planning and the design of developmentally appropriate educational intervention Plan of Action when deemed necessary.

K-Shield Intervention Plans

BIPA - Behavior Intervention
Plan of Action

In addition to difficulties and challenges at home, children’s behavior concerns such as uncontrolled tantrums, aggressive physical behavior, or repetitive emotional outbursts can significantly interfere with learning progress and academic success.

BIPA is the intervention plan developed after performing the K-Shield Behavior screening, when undesirable behaviors are detected in school and preschool-age children.

EIS - Educator Intervention

The Educator Intervention Screening is an expansion to the K-Shield Academics, targeting pre-literacy and literacy skills based on common core standards. Amee Cohen and Associates recognizes the importance of reading for students and just how this impacts all aspects of the students’ educational journey while empowering the parents.

This screening measure will look at the six areas of reading: Print Concept, Phonological/Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Reading Vocabulary

EIPA - Educator Intervention
Plan of Action

The importance of reading for children cannot be underestimated. Reading benefits a child’s education, social and cognitive development, wellbeing, and their mental health.  Learning to read in the first years of primary school is critical for your child’s memory and success in future grades. Literacy is the cornerstone of development.

Our ESE Specialists will assist parents/caregivers, students, and educators with proven evidence-based interventions. Utilizing progress monitoring through data collection our team will provide intensive reading interventions to strengthen areas that were identified as areas of concern through our very own screening measure.

AC&A offers a full range of educational and pediatric services for your convenience.

Amee Cohen & Associates provides specialist advice to support learning progress – through online screening tools, video consultation with ESE specialists and pediatric therapists, customized educational programs, differentials instruction plans and, where appropriate, pediatric teletherapy and in-school therapy services (Florida)

Live Video Consultation with ESE Specialists or Pediatric Therapists
  • Symptom checking
  • Therapeutic advice
  • Rehabilitation therapies
  • Treatment options
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  • Individual Sessions
  • Light Plans (1x /week)
  • Regular Plans (2x /week)
  • Intensive Plans (3x /week)

K-Shield Consultation

Book Now a Video Consultation with a Specialist!

If you need a more in-depth evaluation of your child’s educational status, schedule a video consultation and chat online with a K-Shield specialist.

$97 for a 30-minute session


Education starts at birth. Our assistance does too.

Discover AC&A’s innovative services to keep learning always on track.

“Education starts at birth and never ends. If children’s developmental needs are met, they will be able to maximize their potentials, whatever they may be.”

Inspired by this Montessori premise, we offer complete online tools and solutions to assess, monitor and meet all of children’s development and learning needs.

We believe that Early Intervention, both therapeutically and academically, is a fundamental part of the Educational Journey and leads to success.

Monitoring a child’s learning progress begins at birth and is an ongoing process. With that in mind, we offer a comprehensive online developmental assessment service, which includes the screening of children birth to age 3, designed for collaboration, continuity and results.


K-Shield School Analysis Report

An Intervention Plan to keep Inclusive Education on track.

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